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Step 1 Build the Funnel
Change your old website into a high performing sales funnel. Hawk’s sites typically convert at 15% and beyond. This far exceeds the existing national average of 2%.

Step 2 Fill the Funnel
Leading with RESULTS, Hawk tracks and listens too every call and reads every form. Measuring results and transparent data are key to being able to make educated decisions.

Step 3 Get Results
Measuring successes and failures is crucial for planning the future. Monthly reporting with weekly updates will make sure you know how your budget is being utilized.

50% More Leads50% of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results. Over half result in a purchase. (Search Engine Watch)
14% Better Conversion RateInbound leads generate a 14.6% close rate, versus outbound leads which convert at a mere 1.7%. (Search Engine Journal)Divider500x2

3X more leads for lessContent marketing generates 3 times  as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less. (Demand Metric)

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Get Me the Flock Outta Here!

Dont be a pigeon

8 Tail Chasing Signs of a Pigeon

1. The first sentence of your website reads; “Welcome to our website…”
2. Pigeons don’t track phone calls from your site because they do not want you to see the results.
3. Pigeon Agencies are absolutely “coo-less” when it comes time to calculate your ROI.
4. Pigeons do not communicate well, they wonder while spending your marketing dollars aimlessly.
5. A Pigeon can not set clear expectations or timelines which often causes frustration.
6. Your website often goes mysteriously haywire and your pigeon agency flew the coop.
7. Pigeons do not build websites well and sites are often unsecured and is open for hackers to install viruses.
8. Pigeons usually talk about design, not conversion rates or user experience.
Please Stop Feeding the Pigeons!


Get Started with Hawk Marketing, Maryland’s Digital Marketing Agency July 4, 2016
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