Leveraging Email and Automation

Email  & Authomation is Still #1

Give your customers what they want. When polled, over ninety percent of people wanted to receive an email from brands they have an interest in. Eighty-six percent wanted an email monthly. Shockingly, fifteen percent asked for daily emails. When you are leveraging email and automation, you’re getting fantastic ROI on your marketing budget, and you’re giving your clients and prospects what they want!

  • Over 3.7 billion people are using email, and that number is growing fast. By 2021 the projected number of email users will exceed four billion. In contrast, in 2019, Facebook reached a little over two billion users. Email is crushing it!
  • Eighty percent of Retailers and B2C businesses report that email marketing yields the highest return on investment. On average, for every dollar spent, their return was between thirty-eight to forty-four percent.
  • All the cool kids are using email. With more and more of our future generations looking down at their phones, email usage is growing. Seventy-three percent of millennials prefer email when interacting with companies. Gone are the days of talking on the phone with big brands. Younger generations prefer digital interactions.
  • Automation, automation, automation. Leveraging Email and Automation allow you to work while you sleep! Over fifty percent of corporations are using some form of email for automated drip campaigns.

Parts of an Email

  • Subject Line – This must be catchy. Your subject line usually determines whether people will open the email. More companies are using emojis in their subject lines. Over half of users reported that using emojis to create catchy subject lines increased their open rates.
  • The Body – The point of sending an email is to attract people to your landing pages, blogs, or articles on your website. Getting the user away from their inbox and into your sales funnel is a priority.

Pro Tip: Here’s a buzzkill. Using the word “donate” causes a fifty percent drop in open rates. A short, catchy subject line is crucial, and you must stand out in a crowded inbox if you want attention.

What Emails Should You Send?

  • How Long? – We only want to send a partial article. Encourage the user to click through to your landing page to view the entire offer.
  • Content – Get out of sales mode. Do not send ads, sales, or discounts. Do not send an overview of all the services that you offer. Try to educate your audience. The point is to remind them of you, not to offer them your services.
  • Call to Action – Use action words such as now, important, hurry, or urgent. Make your words or button stand out with size and color.

Pro Tip: Transactional Emails: Many of us get transactional emails. Such as order confirmations, receipts, invoices, etc. Transactional Emails are opened eight times more than solicitations. Think of these as a second opportunity to send a message. You could ask for a referral, introduce new information, offer a discount on the next purchase, suggest an add-on, or ask for a review.

Pro Tip: Use the option to include the person’s first name in the email. Personalized emails get a five percent higher open rate.

What to Expect When Leveraging Emails and Automation

  • 15-20% Open Rates
  • 1-3% Click Thru Rate


Most platforms, including MailChimp, offer Automation and Remarketing. An automated email or series of emails can be triggered by adding someone to a list, triggered by a date, or a series of dates.

For networking, many of you may want to use an automated email to send out requests for one-on-one meetings. Another automation idea is to send out a request for a Google review.

Many companies design a series of emails to distribute over time. Imagine a Yoga Studio drafting ten emails designed to show a new pose each week. Once subscribed, the recipient will systematically receive all ten emails one at a time, week after week.

The instructor did have to put more effort in up front but only had to do it one time. Now when they enter a new customer, they no longer have to worry about sending them the email series.  That’s the beauty of leveraging email and automation!  It increases your communication, but decreases the amount of time you need to spend on it!

Do You Need Help Leveraging Email and Automation?

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