Success with Local Marketing Cover

Get the book every Networker needs to read, Success with Local Marketing! This book is a step-by-step tool that will take you through the process of converting business cards to a full online marketing plan. 200+ pages packed with actionable processes that will ignite your sales pipeline and keep it full. From creating your eight second elevator pitch to choosing which social media is best for your business. ($49 value)

  • Over 200 Pages of advice, workshops and actionable items
  • Make the Sales Process Comfortable
  • Create a Networking Funnel
  • Convert Social Media into Sales
  • Email Market Like a Pro
  • Create Awesome Blogs and Content

Success with Local Marketing Chapters Online

  1. A Marketing Mindset to Win
  2. A Networking Sales System
  3. Building Your Sales Funnel
  4. Asking for Warm Introductions
  5. Your 8 Second Elevator Pitch
  6. Do You Even Network?
  7. Leveraging Mobile Business Apps
  8. Leveraging Email and Automation
  9. Turn Your Website Into a Sales Funnel
  10. What Does Google Want?
  11. Build Traffic or Buy Traffic?
  12. Creating Fantastic Content
  13. Too Many Social Media Sites?
  14. Four Formulas for Measuring Success
  15. Quotes from Main Street
  16. Your Networking Momentum