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Get the book everyone who is Networking needs to read now! This book is a step-by-step tool that will take you thru the process of accepting business cards on to a full online marketing plans. From creating your eight second elevator pitch to choosing which social media is best for your business. ($49 value)

  • 200+ Pages of advice, workshops and actionable items
  • Make the Sales Process Comfortable
  • Create a Networking Funnel
  • Convert Social Media into Sales
  • Email Market Like a Pro
  • Create Awesome Blogs and Content
  • Signed and Personalized Copy.
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Success with Local Marketing Vol.1

by John Maggio

Calling all entrepreneurs and business owners! Do you make your money in sales? If you’re working on commission, or getting paid when you produce, This book is for YOU! If you hate cold calling and door to door sales… If you’re ready to throw your PowerPoint sales presentation out the window, or feel like you’re on your own, This book is for YOU!
Learn the secrets of networking in your local market. Follow the story of John & Michelle Maggio, owners of Hawk Marketing. Find out how they started from scratch and created local success for themselves and their clients.
Get up to speed on social media posting, website effectiveness, and converting leads into clients. Find practical, actionable tips that you can use to increase your online marketing results! Cut your learning curve by gaining insight through this book! You’ll benefit from the step by step instructions, lessons learned, and workshops contained in these pages.
Increase your performance as you learn what to do with all those business cards, how to charm Google, and running successful online drip campaigns. Gain the knowledge and encouragement you need to grow! Success With Local Marketing, is the BOOK FOR YOU!
Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 A Marketing Mindset to Win
  • Chapter 2 It All Started with #1881
  • Chapter 3 Creating Your Coffee Sales Funnel
  • Workshop 3.1 Working Your Coffee Funnel
  • Workshop 3.2 Your Coffee Funnel Template
  • Chapter 4 Asking for a Warm Referral
  • Workshop 4.1
  • Warm Introduction Template
  • Workshop 4.2 Building Your Request Letter
  • Workshop 4.3 The Magic Referral Sheet
  • Chapter 5 You Only Have Eight Seconds
  • Chapter 6 Your Eight Second Commercial
  • Workshop 6.1 Building Your Eight Second Commercial
  • Workshop 6.2 Building Your Eight Second Commercial
  • Chapter 7 Your Networking Routine
  • Chapter 8 Leveraging Mobile Apps
  • Chapter 9 Email and Automation
  • Chapter 10 Your Online Sales Funnel
  • Chapter 11 What Does Google Want?
  • Chapter 12 Back to Build it or Buy It
  • Chapter 13 Creating Useful Content
  • Workshop 13.1 Creating Useful Content
  • Chapter 14 Too Many Social Media Options
  • Chapter 15 Four Formulas to Measure Success
  • Chapter 16 Quotes from Main Street
  • Chapter 17 Keeping Your Momentum
  • About the Author
Includes; Signed and Personalized Copy

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