Success with Local Marketing Summit 2019

Success with Local Marketing Summit 2019

Local Marketing Maryland

Thank All Who Attended on 11/6/19! Next Summit TBA!


Be Seen in Nineteen So You Make More Money in 2020!

Let’s Make More Money in 2020! Strengthen Your Skills and Grow Your Network. Join Hundreds of Business Professionals on Nov 6th in Annapolis for The Success with Local Marketing Summit 2019! A day that’s infused with Success, Education and Inspiration! We’ll see you at the Success with Local Marketing Summit on November 6th in Annapolis, Maryland. Tickets available below.

What’s on the Table

  • Mastery of Advanced Marketing Skills
  • Gain the Most Up-to-date Sales Training
  • Create and Maintain a Winning Mindset
  • Multiple Keynote Speakers
  • Coffee Hour, Lunch and Reception Included
  • Four Free Books



The Doordan Institute at AAMC
Belcher Pavilion, 2000 Medical Pkwy, 7th Floor
Annapolis, MD 21401 – Parking Garage E

The Summit Schedule

8:00AM – Coffee Reception
9:00AM – Introduction
9:15AM – Talbot Watkins – CEO Pro
10:00AM – Erin Lewis – Goosehead Insurance
10:30AM – Susan Ratti – Ideas 360
11:00AM – Ann Brennen – ASM&M Digital Marketing
11:25AM – Lunch by Main & Market
12:15PM – Marla Ballard – Jump Off Point
12:35PM – Creig Northrop – Northrop Realty
1:00PM – Umar Hameed – No Limits Selling
2:ooPM – Kody Bateman – Send Out Cards
3:00PM – 5:00PM – Reception with Speakers
catered by The Wine Key Experience

Multiple National Speakers!

Featured Keynote Speaker

Kody Bateman – Founder of Send Out Cards

kody bateman

Talk Title: The Power of Human Connection

Creating bonds, trust and assurance is an art. It is a skill that takes practice, consistency and the true understanding of people and emotions. When you take the time to build relationships, the typical aspects of marketing become simplified and genuine. Through the natural growth of relationships, opportunities for all people involved become evident.

Career Highlights

  • The Premier Authority On Relationship Marketing In The World Today.
  • Multiple Best Selling Author.
  • Founder of successful international network marketing company; Send Out Cards.
  • Kody’s training and systems have impacted over 700,000 users over the past 10 years.


Featured Keynote Speaker

Umar Hameed – Owner of No Limits Selling

Umar Hameed

Talk Title: Unleash Your Crazy Sexy Brain

Have you wondered what separates A-players from the B-players in a sales organization? The paradox is that most B players want to get better. Their sales managers spend a lot of time and money to help B players get better. Unfortunately, most B players never make the jump. In this presentation, Umar shares applied neuroscience and NLP strategies that help salespeople, leaders and mere mortals’ break through their barriers and become significantly better. Imagine the impact on your organization if 20% of the B-players became A-players. It would be huge, right?

Career Highlights

  • Widely Recognized as the Leading Neuro-Linguistic Programming Sales Trainer.
  • Over the past 10 years he has been the keynote speaker to business audiences in 14 countries.
  • Helped thousands of individuals to break through their mental blocks by using the tools and techniques.
  • Author of 3 books including, “Unleash Your Crazy Sexy Brain!


Featured Keynote Speaker

Talbot Watkins III – Founder of CEO Pro

talbot watkins head shotTalk Title: Lead by Design Not by Default

Inspiration without application is just entertainment. We have to work Smarter AND Harder. Talbot will talk about the Dynamic Dozen parts of your business that will ensure profitability. When you build your business by design you will have the success, freedom and peace of mind. 

Career Highlights

  • Recognized by Smart CEO Magazine in 2010 and 2011 as one of the areas Top CEO’s.
  • Recognized as CEO of the year by a nationally recognized organization out of 200 candidates. 
  • Best selling published book author of the book “Kickassopotamus”
  • Building his company from a few hundred dollars and a pick up truck to achieving well over $100,000,000.00 in gross sales.


Featured Rapid Fire Speaker

Creig Northrop – Owner of Northrop Realty

creig northropTalk Title: Take Your Business to the Next Level, Level Up!

Life begins once you step outside of your comfort zone, but are you ready to challenge yourself to move past it? In this session, Creig Northrop will discuss how you can take your business to new heights while mastering the challenges that arise at every level.

Career Highlights

  • Team achieved peak performance in 2016 with the completion of 1,772 transactions for a combined value of $765.5 million, reaching number one in the country  for an unprecedented third time.
  • Creig Northrop specializes in residential real estate throughout the greater Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area with five office locations throughout Maryland.
  • Recognized for displaying a high standard of professionalism, Northrop’s thorough knowledge of real estate stems from more than 25 years of experience in the industry. 


Featured Rapid Fire Speaker

Erin Lewis – Owner of Goosehead Insurance Maryland

erin lewis headshot 120Talk Title: The #1 Way to Win in Business & Life

Learn the core operating attitude every top performer needs to succeed. Discover the six supporting strategies that will allow you to win in business and in life. Find out how to improve every day performance through these actionable steps to secure a long lasting professional legacy. 

Career Highlights

  • Top 1% earner year after year. Erin Lewis is owner and risk advisor at the fastest growing personal lines insurance agency in the country, Goosehead Insurance.
  • Erin is founder of The Dream Queen Association & Foundation.
  • She currently serves as a Maryland Governor appointed Commissioner for the Governor’s Office on Service & Volunteerism and Steering Committee Member for the Million Women Mentors- Maryland Initiative.
  • Erin was awarded the 2016 Business Leadership Woman of Impact Award from the Southern Maryland Women’s League and the Lifetime Legacy Leader Award from the Carolyn E Parker Foundation.


Featured Rapid Fire Speaker

Marla Ballard – Owner of Jump Off Point

marla ballard summit

Talk Title: Being Magnetic

Most people keep trying to change their actions to influence what’s going on externally. When we create a shift in what’s going on internally, we can truly amplify and magnetize those intentions and results to our highest benefit. Learn how to shift your awareness to allow you to amplify your results and magnetize more of what you want. Understand the difference between Being Efficient and Being Effective and how that impacts our outcomes with people. Lastly learn and about the importance of creating Win-Win scenarios.

Career Highlights

  • Board Vice Chair, The Dream Queen Association & Foundation.
  • $2.6M Revenue: Marla and her husband Chris started Freedom Wellness which quickly grew, generating millions of dollars in sales across the US and in 9 other countries.
  • $9.4M Revenue: Co-founded Positive Power networking group that generated over 9 million in revenue for its members over its first 10 years.


Featured Rapid Fire Speaker

Suzanne Ratti – Owner of Ideas360, Founder of Thrive! Arundel

suzanne rattiTalk Title: Creating Innovation in Workforce Development

Does your business need to attract and retain young professionals? Is your business struggling to accommodate a virtual workforce? Learn how to create innovation for today and prepare for tomorrow’s workforce by acknowledging and embracing change in the status quo.

Career Highlights

  • Suzanne Ratti is a proven performer and entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses revolutionize the way they deliver their products and services to their target audience.
  • Her background in Sales and Marketing for powerhouses like Xerox and SmartCEO allow her to translate real-world experience, critical skill sets and proven results for businesses in virtually every industry and setting.
  • Suzanne provides presentations in a coaching style that inspires, motivates and empowers business owners, solopreneurs, and sales teams to think differently.


Featured Rapid Fire Speaker

Ann Brennan – Owner of ASS&M Digital Marketing

ann brennan 120Talk Title The Facebook Tip Nobody Talks About

Facebook shows you what they want. This can be tiring and make you feel as though you can’t get any traction with Facebook. Pay attention and you can be the first to catch their latest trends. Unravel the mystery behind Facebook’s algorithms and use this powerful knowledge to take your business to great heights.

Career Highlights

  • Founded of Burgers and Bands for Suicide Prevention in 2017.
  • Through online marketing and local networking she has been able to increase donations tremendously year over year. In the first year B&B raised $8,000.00. In the second year B&B raised $45,000.00 and in 2019, Ann leading the way B&B raised over $80,000.00 to prevent suicide in our local area. 
  • With a background in running, Ann was an early online influencer in that vertical. 
  • Specializing in helping small businesses better understand the power of social media marketing.


Claim Your Bonus Offer!

Success with Local Marketing BookSuccess with Local Marketing Vol.1 by John Maggio

Success with Local Marketing

Get the book every Networker needs to read now! This book is a step-by-step tool that will take you through the process of converting business cards to a full online marketing plan. 200+ pages packed with actionable processes that will ignite your sales pipeline and keep it full. From creating your eight second elevator pitch to choosing which social media is best for your business. ($49 value)

  • Over 200 Pages of advice, workshops and actionable items
  • Make the Sales Process Comfortable
  • Create a Networking Funnel
  • Convert Social Media into Sales
  • Email Market Like a Pro
  • Create Awesome Blogs and Content



More Bonus Books!

Many of Summit Speakers are Best Selling Authors. You will receive a copy of each book as a BONUS with your ticket.

the power of human connection  crazy sexy brain  success with local marketing  


SWLM19′ Sponsors





Charity Partners


  1. In partnership with Ethan Brennan, a portion of each ticket sold will be donated to Burgers & Bands for Suicide Prevention.
  2. In partnership with William Rowel, Senior Adviser to Mayor Gavin Buckley and Adetola O Ajayi, Community Service Specialist with the City of Annapolis, a $12,000.00 ticket scholarship has been awarded to the at risk young adults in underprivileged communities in Annapolis, Maryland. In participation with Uplift Annapolis, Naptown Anti-Dope MoveMeant, and the F.I.S.H. Tank Programs.




How to Make SMARTER Goals

How to Make SMARTER Goals
Setting Smarter Goals Featured

It is a fact that people who set 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year goals are much more fulfilled and successful in life.

How to Make S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals

Specific | Measurable | Attainable | Relevant | Time Bound | Enjoyable | Rewarding

How to set SMARTER Goals

S – Specific

When setting goals, answer your five Whys. Get specific in your planning and execution.
• Who: Who is involved and who is affected
• What: What do I want to accomplish
• Where: Identify a location to work (i.e. networking events, office, gym, etc.)
• When: Start, and finish dates
• Why: Why is this important and how does this goal align with my other goals

M – Measurable

Use metrics to help map out your Goals. Deconstruct your long term Goal into short term achievable actions. Establish how many meetings, phone calls, networking events or other actions it may take to accomplish your goal. Then perform those actions on a daily or weekly basis.
• How many X do I need to do every week
• If I do X this many times it results in X
• Every time I do X, I am X% closer to my goal

A – Attainable & Achievable

Challenge yourself. Make goals that require work, discipline and shake up your comfort zone. Just make sure they are realistic and attainable.
• Goals backed by measurable metrics are often achievable.
• Deconstruct your goals into daily and weekly actions.
• Leverage your talents, and the talents of those around you
• Delegate and automate

R – Relevant

Relevant Goals align with each other and support each other. For example, living a healthier lifestyle leads to living longer. The healthy lifestyle goal is relevant to the goal of living longer.
• Does this goal align with other goals
• Is this the right time for this goal
• Accomplishing this goal will lead to X, Y and Z

T – Time Bound

Often the biggest pitfall of most goals, the timeline. SMARTER Goals are specific. They have a begin time, progress points and a completion date. SMARTER goals are attainable as well. Make sure that you set yourself up for success by creating realistic timelines to completion. Then hold yourself accountable.
• I will start my goal on X…
• Deconstructed your goal into daily or weekly activities
• Establish measurable progress points
• My goal will be accomplished on X…

E – Enjoyable

Goals that are enjoyable have a much higher success rate. Focus on your strongest talents, and try to delegate or automate parts that you do not enjoy.
• Set up daily or weekly victories, and progress points
• Is your goal aligned with your passion and talents
• Can you delegate or automate

R – Rewarding

When you set goals that are meaningful, accomplishing them is rewarding. But in this case, we are talking about a real reward for your accomplishments. It should be part of the planning phase, and you should keep your eye on the prize!

Need Help Setting Marketing Goals?

Hawk Marketing specializes in accomplishing goals, but our passion is solving problems and creating processes that help our client’s gain new business.  If you need any help setting up marketing goals for your company please reach out.

4 Simple Formulas to Measure Online Marketing

4 Simple Formulas to Measure Online Marketing

4 simple formulas to measure online success

4 Simple Formulas to Measure Online Success

Conversion Rate

Number of Visits / Number of Goals Complete = Conversion Rate

Goals are actions by the visitor that continue the conversation.  Some examples include; a phone call, form submission, or subscription sign up. If your website receives 100 visits and those visits resulted in 2 phone calls, your conversion rate is 2%. Out of 100 attempts, 2 visitors made a call.

100 visitors / 2 goals = 2%

*The national average is 1-3% but with good strong calls to action you can reach results of 10-20%

Cost Per Conversion

Budget / Completed Goals = Cost Per Conversion

When buying traffic from Google, or Facebook you can easily figure out how much each new lead costs. If you boost a Facebook post for $50 and it generates 2 phone calls, each new lead cost you $25. The $50 drove enough traffic to your website to generate 2 calls.

$50 Spent / 2 Goals = $25 Cost Per Conversion

Close Rate

Number of Leads / Number of Sales = Close Rate

Once in contact, how often does your prospect complete a purchase? If each phone call cost $25, how many calls would you need in order to complete a sale? If you close 1 out of every 4 phone call your close rate would be 1/4 or 25%.

4 Phone Calls / 1 Sale = 25%

Cost Per Sale Acquisition

Budget / # of Sales = Cost Per Sale Acquisition

After you took the four calls, you made one sale.  The $100 budget spend on Facebook sent enough traffic to your website to generate the 4 phone calls.  Each call costing $25. It took 4 calls in order to complete one sale. The cost to acquire this one sale was $100.

$100 Budget / 1 Sale = $100 per Sale Acquisition

(Four, $25 Phone Calls resulted in 1 Sale)

How Does That Number Work With Your Pricing?

Need any help figuring these numbers out? Already know your numbers but want strategies to lower your Cost per Sales Acquisition? Hawk also has strategies to increase close rates, and reducing costs per lead.

Getting Results with Online Marketing

Getting Results with Online Marketing

Getting Results with Online Marketing Featured

Getting Results with Online Marketing

This article discusses the basics of how internet marketing works and how you can create new leads and opportunities through your inbound marketing efforts.

Why do we Market and Promote? RESULTS! Marketing is when you spend money to advertise your business and promotion is when you spend time to advertise your business. When you spend  money, and time you expect RESULTS!

Hawk Online Marketing Annapolis

Think of Your Website as a Sales Funnel

You load your prospects in the top of the sales funnel , and expect a certain percentage of prospects to convert into a lead or sale. This percentage is referred to as the conversion rate. The rate of which potentials become a result. There are things you can do to your website that can drastically change your conversion rate.

Getting Your Funnel Ready for Conversion

examples of a call to action

Notice the Strong Call to Action in the upper right. Also note the Strong Call to Action in the main hero image. The industry is moving away from multiple slides because of usability and load times.

1. On your website place the logo on the top left and your strongest call to action on the top right.

Examples of Calls to Action;

  • Free Estimates, Call Now
  • View Specials
  • Sign Up for Savings
  • Attend our Signature Event
  • Create a Free Account

2. The 3 Second Rule

The average visitor needs to know what you do within seconds of visiting your website. Commonly the only things seen at first glance are the Logo, a strong Call to Action in the top right, and a Hero Image with a strong Call to Action.

3. Contact Forms and Phone Numbers on Every Page

Making sure that a “Quick Contact Form” is installed on every page is important. Only ask for the basics such as their name, phone number and email address. Too many fields on a form can turn off the user.

4. Remove social media icons from the top and place them on the bottom of your site. Now that you have a visitor in your funnel, you do not want them leaving.

Bonus: Adding a Call to Action at the top and bottom of every page increases conversion rates.

My Sales Funnel is Ready, Now What?

You need traffic in order to convert. What are your potential customers searching for and how do they find you? Most in our local markets use Google and/or Facebook to seek out and find information. In a world of endless options, we recommend that you initially focus on Google and use Facebook as a tool to drive traffic to your website.

There are Only Two Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website, BUILD IT or BUY IT!

How to Build Residual Website Traffic

How do you grow your monthly search traffic? By becoming a great search results with multiple pages of quality content. Google looks at each website about once per month. Each time scanning your site to see if there have been any changes. Imagine, some of these websites have not changed in years. When Google recognizes that you are posting new, up-to-date content, Google starts to index more and more of your pages. Google also believes that a website that updates regularly, with new, fresh content is often a better search result than a old stagnant website. Your website is becoming a better result. Better than your competitors and you will be rewarded with higher rankings in Google searches.

3 circles of search

Content Pages Are Greater Than Home Pages

Each piece of Content that you create online can be found in search. Often Google wants to direct the searcher to the product or service page, NOT your Home Page. Google knows that it can save the user a click or two by placing them directly on the page with the information they seek.


Example Search One

Keyword Phrase: Fuel Tank Maintenance

search result example

Google ranks product and service pages above home pages in order to get the searcher directly to the content they are looking for.

Example Search Two

Keyword Phrase: Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

search example

Blog posts are out ranking the home page. People searching for a fishing report are directed straight to that section or page.

An Example of Residual Traffic

Website X receives 500 visits per month with the content that exists. A new page is introduced and now 25 new visits are coming directly to that page from search each month. Now moving forward, the website will receive 525 visits per month. The traffic from the new page will continue month after month if the content is quality and relevant. Continuing this trend, if 4 new pieces of quality content are posted per month and each brought new visitors, your monthly traffic would grow to.

  • 1 new blog or page attracts 25 new visitors to your website.
  • 4 blogs, each bringing in 25 new visitors = 100 new monthly visitors.
  • 12 months of blogging 4 times per month will create 48 new pages of content per year. Each bringing in new visitors from search every month.

Hard Work = Good Results

Buying Traffic

Getting Social

When you post to Social Media, ALWAYS LINK BACK TO YOUR WEBSITE! All of those likes and shares DO VERY LITTLE to get visitors to your sales funnel. Linking back to your content is crucial to controlling the environment and promoting a higher conversion rate. You have installed proven conversion elements. You have Strong Calls to Action, and you have Quick Contact Forms on every page. You have tested your site, and you know your conversion rates. Your site is the best place for your customers. You’ve made sure of it. Make sure to get them to your controlled environment. No reputable expert has ever been able to pin down the value of a Like or a Share. On the flip side, by using simple math a website can be evaluated for performance.

Pay to Play

Currently Facebook is the King of social media and if you do not pay Facebook they limit how many people see your posts. Even if you have 1000 likes on your Facebook Page, only 10-15% may ever see your posts unless you boost them. Boosting posts that link back to your Content is a great way to fill your Sales Funnel.

Boost Your Way to Success

Go ahead, click the Boost Post button. Play around with the demographics and targeting. The choices are endless. Facebook released the ability to not only pick what users are interested in or like, but also specific demographics and purchasing habits. You can pick “business owners only”, “homeowners only”, “recent home owners”, or “Facebook Page Administrators” to highlight a few. The options and combinations seem endless. You can place your Content right in front of the perfect audience and send quality visitors back to your Website to convert.

Buying Google Ads

With billions of clicks already recorded, Google can literally tell you what to expect based for your industry, target demographic, location and monthly budget. They can drill down and accurately estimate how much each phone call will costs and how many to expect during a billing cycle. Google Ads have proven success if you are driving the traffic back to a website that has a high conversion rate. Otherwise you can lose money by overpaying for new business.

A Good Grip

We hope that we have been able to plainly explain a few of the methods Hawk Marketing uses to generate leads for their customers. Our hope is that you now have a greater understanding of how online and inbound marketing works. This knowledge will protect you from unsavory marketing agencies and website design companies that promise results but hardly deliver.

Google My Business Finally Allows You to Verify via Email

Google My Business Finally Allows You to Verify via Email

Google My Business Finally Allows You to Verify via Email

It has recently been reported that Google is now allowing some businesses to verify their Google My Business page thought their email. This has been a feature agencies have longed for.

What is Google My Business?
Google My Business controls many aspects of a companies online presence and reputation. This includes online reviews, your local map listing, your google profile and googles social media platform G+. Many of these profiles are linked to your website address and other social media platforms and directory listings. Something so important to a business’ online presence was also very difficult to secure if you don’t know or no longer have access to the person or email that was used to set up or claim the listing.

How did it used to be?
In the past only two validation methods existed. You could either do a phone verification which in some cases is like a flying circus act or you were forced to verify by the dreaded post card. In some instances verification was a snap, but in most cases it took many hours to secure a Google My Business page.

How is it better?

email verification for google my business

Google is now allowing some Google My Business listings to be verified by email. This is a huge time saver!

Google is now allowing some Google My Business listings to be verified by email. This is a huge time saver![/caption]This email opt in method should be a huge time saver for those business owners who don’t exactly know who set up their Google My Business page or who no longer have a professional relationship with that person. From personal experience most business owners entering into online marketing, do not have control of their listing. Control of this listing is crucial to your inbound marketing strategy. Another huge advantage this option gives us is the ability to actually see the email address that was used to create the listing. In the past that was not always an option and it is pretty hard to reset a password or verify anything if you do not know what email the information is going too.

In short, a great move by Google to help more businesses have access and engage online. As noted this may not be an option for all listing verifications but it is rolling out and hopefully if your page ever has to be verified this will be an option to choose.

Security a BIG DEAL in Google’s Top Ten

Security a BIG DEAL in Google’s Top Ten

Security a BIG DEAL in Google’s Top Ten

Is Your Site Secure?

This August will be the two year anniversary of Google announcing that it was going to start using a website’s security as a ranking signal. Some agencies acted promptly, some agencies did not act at all. In the end, it is clear that having an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate installed on your hosting account is clearly going to benefit your online presence in more ways than one.

A little less that two years ago data showed that only 7-8% of Google’s first page results were secure. Fast forward twenty three months and now that same data is revealing that 32.5% of Google’s first page results are secure.

Many industry experts watched intently for weeks after the initial roll out and compared the data from the weeks before. The initial results were minimal only affecting 3-5% of searches. So when secure first page results went from 7% to 8%, not many took the notion of being secure very seriously.

This data comes from Dr. Peter J Meyers of Advanced SEO. The increase in secure first page rankings has been steady.  This indicates that no single Google update caused a spike in secure rankings.  Understanding that Dr. Meyers data is based on a mere 10,000 keywords other studies must give similar results in order to validate his findings.  Recently his data was publicly acknowledged as correct when he presented at the SMX Advanced  conference last month. Both Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) and Gary IIlyes (@methode) of Google took to twitter and without giving any specific number they did confirm that he was indeed in the ballpark.

The Breakdown

Now, what does this really mean? Since the incline has been steady that indicates that no one algorithm update is giving any significant ranking boost to secure sites BUT this data is a clear indication of where the industry is going and what your competition is doing online. Companies are getting serious about online marketing. Those who are working with agencies such as Hawk are pushing the limits and making sure that they have every edge up possible when it comes to organic rankings.

There are many positives that come with a secure site:

  1. If your site is secure with the HTTPS protocol your customers will have a higher trust factor with your brand. Therefore, attracting more visitors telling Google your site is better than your competition’s.
  2. When you install a SSL Certificate on your hosting account in most instances this initiates the new HTTP/2 protocol. This is a big improvement versus the fifteen-year-old HTTP/1.1 protocol.  In many ways this gives huge advantages to user experience, site speed and security. All things Google loves.
  3. The certificate is relatively inexpensive. Most SSL Certificates are purchased annually and cost between $50-$100 per year.
  4. All of your data will be more secure! In the past, SSL Certificates were generally used on sites that transferred credit card and other personal data from the user. Now every keystroke is considered sensitive.
  5. You are less likely to have your website hacked! Many experts strongly believe that having a secure site is a key provision when protecting your website from hackers and viruses.

In conclusion, over the next 16 months experts are predicting that 60% of first page results will be secure. Why wouldn’t you 100% secure your site as fast as you can? All of Hawk ’s clients are secure or are being secured. We recommend that you take action to secure your site with an SSL Certificate.

Is Your Website a Hawk or a Pigeon ?

Is Your Website a Hawk or a Pigeon ?

Website Comparison Hawk vs Pigeon

Is your website a Hawk or a Pigeon? What is the difference?

As you know there are more than enough options when it comes to marketing your business. Often it can be overwhelming and usually these so called great opportunities don’t prove results. When it comes to digital marketing the field is wide and competition thick. You can get a website for FREE or you can pay $30,000! With so many options to choose from it is very difficult to determine whether you have made a good choice with your online marketing in the past. Hawk has spent the last 20 years investing in knowledge, experience and technology.  Because of that we are able to stand out among many of our competitors. In order to have a fun play on the differences between Hawk and some of the sub-par agencies, we have written the following post.

Conversion Rates

be a hawkThe Hawk – Optimized design with user experience in mind allows Hawk to deliver websites that convert over 15% of your website’s visitors into leads for your company.

Dont be a pigeonThe Pigeon – The average conversion rate of all websites across all industries online is 2%.  Yet companies constantly throw money out the window promoting a poorly converting website.

Website Redesign

be a hawkThe Hawk – In today’s environment your website needs to be constantly changing and growing in order to get Google’s attention. Google is always changing it’s search algorithm to present the best results for its customers, the searchers. If you are not keeping your site up to specifications, your rank will be considerably affected.

Dont be a pigeonThe Pigeon – “We need a new site? But we just updated our site a few years ago…” In the past, a company would purchase a website redesign every 3-5 years. In today’s market, that might as well be 30-50 years.

Technical Optimization

be a hawkThe Hawk – A large part of online marketing is optimization. Good for all of us, Google tells us exactly what Google wants. In the fall of 2015, Google released their Search Quality Rating Guidelines, a 146-page document laying out exactly what Google is looking for from your company’s online marketing efforts.

Dont be a pigeonThe Pigeon – A Pigeon will be vague about what they are actually doing to help your site attract more visitors.  The plan should be clear and easy for all to understand.  Since a Pigeon is not an expert in inbound marketing, they cannot accurately predict results and set clear expectations.


be a hawkThe Hawk – Leads with conversions/leads when reporting. Why would any number be more important? We want to make sure that your online marketing is working and you are getting results.

Dont be a pigeonThe Pigeon – Leads with sessions and “hits” but can’t tell you how many sales you received from those visits. Pigeons bend the results and or show unimportant statistics in order to show growth.