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Here is How Our Online Marketing Works

Phone Calls – Our main goal with your online marketing is to generate as many new, qualified phone calls for our clients as possible. We do this by driving hundreds of targeted prospects their website. Then, count the conversions. We know that once on your site, visitors have the highest chance of making a phone call or filling out a contact form. Hawk Marketing listens to the calls to make sure new leads are coming in.

  1. Content Marketing: Our team creates great content (examples; blogs, articles, pages, landing pages, click funnels etc…) for your website every month that will be found on Google.
  2. Email Marketing: Hawk uses marketing tactics to help continually grow your email list. We send timely emails to your clients and prospects asking them to review your new content.
  3. Social Media Marketing: Using the same content, our team creates boosted posts (paid ads) on Facebook and other social media platforms. Always leading visitors back to your website.
  4. Most importantly, we track every call and contact form. We make sure that not only is the marketing working, but results are continuing to grow.

Month after month, year after year your email list, social media followers and website traffic continue to grow. Meaning, more and more phone calls as time goes on!

Online Marketing Services

Want to get your business off and running online? We have put together a package of services that we know will help you get more leads, referrals and sales. Hawk Marketing will set you up for future success with a high converting website, social media, Google maps & reviews, a Yelp profile and a Mailchimp (email marketing) account. Everything you need to get started off in the right direction.

Website: Hawk will create a conversion driven website with user intent in mind.

  • Set up or ensure a WordPress specific hosting account in the client name
  • Install the latest version of WordPress
  • *License, register and install the premium website theme, U-Design
  • Create custom graphics including; logos, icons, border images, call to action buttons, watermarked photography with your logo etc…
  • Choose colors, fonts, and formatting options to best showcase your brand online
  • Create landing pages for products and/or services
  • Create and test secure contact forms on every page
  • Create a secure WordPress user login for staff if one does not exist

Content Creation: Hawk will create custom content using the latest standards from Google.

  • Perform keyword research for commonly searched phrases within your industry
  • Perform content structure research to enhance content authority with Google
  • Perform demographic research to create content that speaks to your audience
  • Ensure content is the appropriate reading level for search
  • Test usability of the website, as well as user engagement
  • Check the keyword frequency of targeted keywords within the content
  • Utilize Heading Tags on pages properly to highlight the page’s content for Google’s indexing
  • Create internal links to onsite content to help Google index the site for search
  • Check the word count on each page and ensure that it exceeds the recommended minimum of 300 words

Technical Optimization Scope

  • *Install a SSL certificate to encrypt data and help prevent hackers
  • Install which allows enhanced information from the site to appear in search
  • Create a Google Search Console Account for the client and perform the following;
    – Verify Site Ownership
    – Create install a Robots.txt file telling google which parts of your site are accessible
    – Create and Submit a XML Sitemap which clearly shows google your site’s layout
    – Ask Google to scan your website for errors
    – Ask Google to monitor your website for errors and mobile usability issues
  • Ensure that the site is mobile responsive and build for mobile first
  • Ensure that all phone numbers are clickable
  • Identify any bad back links if they exist
  • Create a Google Analytics Account and install the tracking code
  • *Create a Call Tracking Metrics Account to track online leads

Local Search Setup

  • Create a Google My Business Account for Reviews and Map Listings
  • Secure and update the Yelp listing

Social Media Setup: Create or secure the following social media accounts;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Email Marketing Account Setup

  • Create a Mail Chimp Email Marketing Account
  • Create a template that matches the newly finished website

Monthly Online Marketing Packages

No Contracts


  • Two Custom Blogs
  • One Monthly Emails
  • Fifteen Social Media Posts
  • One Social Media Platform
  • $100 Social Media Boost
  • Custom Monthly Report
  • Phone Call Tracking


  • Two Custom Blogs
  • Two Monthly Emails
  • Thirty Social Media Posts
  • Two Social Platforms
  • $200 Social Media Boost
  • Monthly Phone Meetings
  • Custom Monthly Report
  • Phone Call Tracking


  • Two Custom Blogs
  • Two Monthly Emails
  • Forty Social Media Posts
  • Three Social Platforms
  • $300 Social Media Boost
  • Monthly In-Person Meetings
  • Custom Monthly Report
  • Online Review Monitoring
  • Phone Call Tracking
Online Marketing July 20, 2019