Google My Business Finally Allows You to Verify via Email

It has recently been reported that Google is now allowing some businesses to verify their Google My Business page thought their email. This has been a feature agencies have longed for.

What is Google My Business?
Google My Business controls many aspects of a companies online presence and reputation. This includes online reviews, your local map listing, your google profile and googles social media platform G+. Many of these profiles are linked to your website address and other social media platforms and directory listings. Something so important to a business’ online presence was also very difficult to secure if you don’t know or no longer have access to the person or email that was used to set up or claim the listing.

How did it used to be?
In the past only two validation methods existed. You could either do a phone verification which in some cases is like a flying circus act or you were forced to verify by the dreaded post card. In some instances verification was a snap, but in most cases it took many hours to secure a Google My Business page.

How is it better?

email verification for google my business

Google is now allowing some Google My Business listings to be verified by email. This is a huge time saver!

Google is now allowing some Google My Business listings to be verified by email. This is a huge time saver![/caption]This email opt in method should be a huge time saver for those business owners who don’t exactly know who set up their Google My Business page or who no longer have a professional relationship with that person. From personal experience most business owners entering into online marketing, do not have control of their listing. Control of this listing is crucial to your inbound marketing strategy. Another huge advantage this option gives us is the ability to actually see the email address that was used to create the listing. In the past that was not always an option and it is pretty hard to reset a password or verify anything if you do not know what email the information is going too.

In short, a great move by Google to help more businesses have access and engage online. As noted this may not be an option for all listing verifications but it is rolling out and hopefully if your page ever has to be verified this will be an option to choose.