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I was feeling enthusiastic after a LinkedIn Workshop from Steve Hall, and another Aha moment occurred. Steve was showing us how to search our contact’s connection lists to look for possible prospects. Maybe that LinkedIn contact would be willing to send out a warm introduction message to their connection. I asked myself, why not ask the people from networking for warm introductions?

Learn to Ask for Warm Introductions

Immediately I called Chuck MacDonald and asked him for a coffee. Everyone loved Chuck! With a bright smile and brighter disposition, you were lucky to have some of Chuck’s positive vibes rub off on you.

Michelle and I met Chuck for coffee in Annapolis and proceeded to tell him what we had just learned and how we wanted to take LinkedIn out of the equation by simply using emails or text messages.

We told Chuck of a common problem that we were running into and how Information Technology Companies could be great referral partners for us. The reasoning behind this was they were often asked to create websites and deal with email addresses. We could make this assumption because Hawk was often asked to fix computers simply because our industries were often confused.

We asked Chuck how many IT companies he knew of from networking. He knew a handful. Then I suggested that I would write a template so that all he had to do was copy and paste the introduction email and press send. He said, “no problem!”

Chuck sent out the introductions the next day, and within minutes, I had meetings booked.

Workshop – Warm Introduction Template

COLD CALLING SUCKS! The number of meetings you schedule, and the amount of effort you put out rarely adds up. If you are booking five meetings out of one hundred calls, you’re doing fantastic! The average person is only successful three out of one hundred times.

Here is a practical way you can increase your averages to twenty-five percent and beyond. Instead of asking directly for a meeting with a stranger, ask for a referral from someone you already influence.

The simple math is as follows: If you ask twenty people to introduce you, ten will. Out of those ten, five people will accept your meeting.

A Few Notes About Warm Introductions

Continue to focus on motivation, pain, or pleasure. Your chances greatly increase if you have a reason to meet.

Make it easy for the person to make the warm introductions. Write the introduction email for them so that they can edit or send it off without effort.

All too often, after an event, we receive emails from attendees that are sales driven. Please do not send a list of your products and services to everyone who attended. Those emails are erased immediately.

What Not to Send

(Only about 1% to 3% will open this type of message)

Dear Jane Smith,

I know you get these emails all day, but I think I have a shot? (sarcasm) My name is John Maggio of Hawk Marketing, and we recently met at a networking event. My company performs online marketing including; web design, email design, social media marketing, print design, digital media, consulting, search engine optimization, reputation management, call monitoring, and the list goes on and on… If you or anyone you know needs any of the services mentioned above, please reach out to me.

Insincerely, John Maggio

Request for a Warm Introduction Template

(What You Should Send to the Referral Partner Making the Warm Introductions)

Dear John Doe,

Do you know any owners of IT companies from networking? I own Hawk Marketing, a digital marketing company, and I am receiving requests for their services lately. Often customers think digital marketing and IT companies can perform the same tasks. I am often asked to build a network, fix a computer, or install a phone system. As you know, there are several disciplines within the IT industry.

I am looking to build relationships with IT Companies so that I may refer this type of work to them. Do you mind sending Jane Smith an introduction email? To make it easy, I will provide the introduction email, and you can copy and paste it?

Thank You, John Maggio

Warm Introductions Template

(What the Referral Partner Sends on Your Behalf)

Dear John and Jane Smith,

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce the two of you. John Maggio is the owner of Hawk Marketing Services. John says that many customers often mistake their services with your services. Often asking him to build a network, fix computers or install a phone system. John mentioned that there are several disciplines within the IT industry, but often, the consumer sees all IT related companies as the same.

John was expressing interest in aligning Hawk Marketing with other Local IT companies, and that is when I thought of introducing the two of you.

I think it would be valuable for the two of you to grab a coffee and see if you can help each other out.

John, please reach out and see if you two can set up a time to have a quick meeting. If you would like me to be part of the meeting or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call.

The Importance of Follow Up

Respond right away! If you don’t get a response, follow up in five business days with a hard, “Thank you for the introduction, John Doe. Jane, are you interested in meeting for coffee?” then let it be. Never chase. Also, use this technique each time you have a one-on-one. Always have a referral ask and a reason ready.

Workshop – Building Your Request Letter

Developing a Strategy for Warm Introductions

Before you start to design your letter, a little strategy is needed. Let’s think about who your target audience is. What makes sense in terms of clients, collaborations, and strategic partnerships?

Let’s say you own a marketing company as I do. I chose to target IT companies because people would assume that if I built websites, I must know how to do IT work. It’s also safe to assume that IT companies would get inquiries from people that wanted to have websites built. Building a relationship like this represents a great referral partner and a great opportunity for strategic growth.

Someone who does the kind of work that a marketing company might need, such as writing, graphic arts, web development, photography, and videography… might consider reaching out to me to look for opportunities for collaboration.

List 5 Collaborations Within Your Network






Pro Tip: When you reach out, remember to be accessible and approachable. Offer a few dates, and one or two locations, preferably locations that are convenient to the other party. This will cut down on the back and forth necessary to set up the meeting. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to say yes.

Workshop – The Magic Referral Sheet

Use this format to test and see if you can book 25 percent.

1. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

2. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

3. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

4. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

5. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

6. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

7. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

8. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

9. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

10. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

11. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

12. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

13. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

14. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

15. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

16. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

17. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

18. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

19. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

20. ___________ referred me to _____________ Meeting: Y N

Total Meetings Booked: _________

Leveraging the Power of Referral Partners

Now that you’ve learned the formula for gaining qualified prospects through warm introductions, start making a list of all the industries that you can target. Taking this approach will yield results and help you fill your sales funnel, as discussed in our last blog post, Your Coffee Sales Funnel.  Hungry to learn more about the power of networking?  Be sure to read our next blog in this series, You Only Have 8 Seconds.

Is your website working for you and sending qualified prospects on a regular basis?  No?  Reach out to me at [email protected], and we can sit down and rework your strategy to bring you results!