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One of the advantages of being a leader in successful local networking is gaining insight from leaders in business.  I’d like to share with you a collection of quotes that I’ve put together over the years.  I hope you get as much benefit from them as I have.

“Entrepreneurs are #1 Open to Learn #2 Optimistic #3 Accountable.” ~ Paul Riecks, InSight

Paul leads several professional peer groups in the Baltimore region. After interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs over his career, Paul says that these are the three most prominent commonalities.

“Don’t let the distractions become the attraction.” ~ Casey Coven of Cruise Planners 411

Casey, former president of the national professional women’s group, ABWA, gave me this insightful advice. Are your distractions simple, like too much social media during the day? Are they complex, such as letting negativity drag you off course? Even worse, are you allowing yourself to be “productive” even though those actions don’t help accomplish your ultimate goal? “Good” distractions are still distractions.  This is one of those quotes that bears repeating several times a day!

“Every prospect pays you.” ~ Pat Voelkel

A good friend Pat used to be a used car salesman. He would place a hundred dollar bill in his pocket. He knew he was going to face nineteen rejections before he was going to score with a sale. So he reminded himself each time a new customer pulled up on the lot by tapping his pocket. This action kept him in positive spirits, regardless of the outcome.

“Man plans, God laughs” ~ Donna Deter

Donna introduced me to this quote, which is translated from Yiddish “Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht.” WOW! No truer words have been spoken. You can plan and plan and plan… but until you put your ideas in motion, you can’t know the reality. Almost every time, you will find that your plans will need to change and adjust to thrive. So, don’t plan too far ahead or with too much detail because often you will need to change your plans anyway.

“If you’re not happy, you better be telling me.” ~ Ken Fischer of Fischer IT

Ken tells each of his customers this when they start services. This quote explains that He sets a clear expectation and opens the door to allow the client to feel comfortable complaining. Better to complain to him than to his competition.

“When one door closes, two always open.” ~ Random Voice on TV

Isn’t that true? Ever lose a job and think life was over? Then a few weeks later, you take a job even better than the one before. If you are positive, you will always find an opportunity.  This positive quote is one to put faith in.

Stephen Karpman’s Drama Triangle – the Persecutor, the Victim, and the Rescuer

In almost every conflict, characters take their roles. Then quickly fight to change their positions. The more roles change, the more drama ensues. Please take the time to look this one up online and read more.

“W.A.I.T. = Why Am I Talking.” ~ David Wendkos of Sandler Training

David, a certified Sandler Trainer, was a talker, just like myself. He often found himself talking the most in a conversation. In order to improve his sales technique, he realized that the prospect needed to do most of the talking. So he would ask himself, “Why am I talking?”

“You never won a game of tennis with the ball on your side of the court.” ~ Steve Hall

Ask questions twenty percent of the time and listen to answers eighty percent of the time. This strategy allows the prospect to decide for themselves whether to do business with you. When it’s their idea, conversions increase dramatically, and buyer’s remorse is almost non-existent. So when you’re in a sales meeting, put away the PowerPoint presentation and start asking questions. Keep hitting the ball to them until you win.  Remember this quote when it’s time for negotiation.

“One good reason to always tell the truth. Honesty is much easier to keep track of.” ~ John Maggio

Life is just too busy and stressful, to begin with. The thought of living two or three realities confuses the mind. One lie leads to another and another. You only have one reputation. Like my friend Pablo Alvarado Jr. of LPL Financial says; “You’ll never have to tell a lie if you always tell the truth.”

“The three rules to follow to be successful. 1. Is there a need for what you do? 2. Are you the best at it? 3. Can you be easily replaced?” ~ Andrew Shaffer of Andrew Shaffer Consulting”

Andrew’s simple formula is the litmus test for all career moves. Is there even a market for what I want to do? Do you constantly improve and gain knowledge to be the best in your area of expertise? Logically and realistically, can you be easily replaced?

“Where your attention goes the energy flows” ~ Liz Clickner

Retired school teacher, now a coach for retirees, Liz reminds us of this simple saying. If you keep thinking negative thoughts, negative things will happen in our lives. And, so is true of the opposite. Thoughts create feelings. Feelings create actions. Actions create results. Make sure you have positive feelings.

“Enjoy yourself; it’s later than you think.” ~ Jonathan (the day after his boss of 20 years passed)

Just a simple call to action to remind us to do what we love. Whether it’s in our personal lives or professional, we can’t waste time being unhappy, feeling negative, or being unproductive. We don’t have that luxury.

The Power of Positive Quotes

I use these quotes on a daily basis, and I hope you find the power in them too! By converting some of the quotes to affirmations, you can use them as powerful tools to solidify and back up your vision. If you are frustrated with your marketing plan and need someone to brainstorm with, contact me at Hawk Marketing Services today! Let’s talk soon!